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Well-recognised name and established track record

  • We have built a well-recognised name in the private education industry in Singapore, particularly due to our long track record of providing K-12 education, together with our ability to attract students from a diversity of nationalities

Resilient business model

  • We believe our business model is a resilient one, even during the general downturn in the western economies in 2008/2009

  • This is coupled with Singapore playing an increasingly important role as a regional business hub in the East with the emergence of Asian economies such as China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia

Strong parent engagement with our School

  • We engage the parents of our students actively in various ways to keep them informed of their children's learning experience and our services

  • We have developed various channels of communication and avenues for participation by parents and students, allowing all to appreciate the quality of the education and curriculum which our School provides

Specialisation between management and teaching

  • Separation of the roles played by management and administration from that of academia and teaching allows the latter to focus on the education of our students and the on-going development and improvement of our various curricula

Multi-national student base

  • Our diversified student base, consisting of around 70 nationalities, provides us with a resilient business model that allows us not to be overly dependent on the influx of students from any particular country in the world

  • No students of any single nationality represent more than 30% of our School's total student population

Strong curriculum

  • We offer the Cambridge-based IGCSE alongside the IB programmes and the integration of MUN into our curriculum that allow us to develop a strong curriculum for our students

  • These prepare them well for tertiary education and beyond upon graduation from our School

Quality control through our continual assessment system

  • A school-wide, online assessment system is in place that permits students, parents and teachers to assess the effectiveness of classes that have been taught during a school day

  • This system is used to support and promote student learning and to accurately report student achievement on an on-going basis

Innovative use of IT

  • Our extensive IT resources, infrastructure and unique OFS integrated software application have enhanced the learning experience and interaction among our students, their parents and our teachers

  • The innovative use of IT has also increased our effectiveness and efficiency in running the School

Experienced and professional management team

  • Executive Chairman and CEO, David Perry, and Executive Director, Irene Wong, have over 30 and 40 years of experience in FSSs, respectively

  • Our Academic Director and our respective Principals have between them over 150 years of cumulative experience in the education industry
Overseas Education Limited
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